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The only tutorial that is available will be to print your cards through Superior POD. They are a great company and make a quality product. The only problem is they are based in the USA, if you order from them outside of the US the cost of shipping will most likely be very high. Do some research for your country and see if you can find a Print On Demand service for poker cards or gaming cards. Below are some helpful files to make this much easier for you. You can also watch the tutorial as to how to get the cards of your choosing printed off.

Using to print your cards
Here is a video explanation on how to print cards using the SuperiorPOD serive.

Needed files:
GIMP (get at
Preconfigured Files for Superior POD Printing
Note: These files are not up to date. You can use them, but they do not contain the most up-to-date art. Custom Play Mats for Printing
You should be able to use any service you want, but in the past I've used These mats are designed to be 24"x14" and the link above will bring you right to that product.

There are two different styles, there is one that has counters for your HP at the bottom then there is one without. Grab them below:
This file is just the ZONES on a PNG if you were wanting to make a custom mat.

Printing At Home
I have discontinued the print at home tutorial. It's really not worth it as cheap as Print On Demand services are these days, it's really the best way to go. You can print them and cut them at home, but I don't want to bother with doing anymore tutorials for it.

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 I do not claim any copyrights on any of their intellectual properties within these pages. No money is being made from this project it has been all for educational purposes only.

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