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On this page you will find options to print the cards through a Print On Demand (POD) service through the internet, or by using your own home printer. The company that I used to have mine printed was through Superior POD.

Other POD companies can probably do it for you as well, but since I have found them I have not ventured any further as they provide a great service. The tutorial you will find below will be specific to them.

Needed files:
  • Template
  • Card Back (Pick one option below - Right Click Save As)
  • GIMP (get at
  • Your selected cards for your deck (Be sure you follow all the rules to the game when building your deck. When using Superior POD you will want to choose 54 cards though. Also if you don't know how to build a deck and would like a premade deck you can get several examples here).
If you are looking to not doing much work here are the templates already built up and ready to be uploaded to (there are other websites we have tested prints with, but this is the only site I have premade templates for).
Creating a printable deck through SuperiorPOD Video Tutorial

Printing At Home

Printing your cards at home will not be as easy as having a Print On Demand service to do it for you. With the cost of ink it really won't save you any money either, but if you prefer to do this at home it can be done.
I have discontinued the Print at home tutorial as it was really out of date and honestly, it's pretty simple. Below you will find a few tips that will help you as well as some files that will help you.
  • If you want there are professional print shops that will print the cards for a fee. It will save you time, and it will make your job much easier. There would be of course some initial set up for the cards that you want to print. Use the template below to set up your files.
  • First download GIMP you'll find the link for the download in the links section.
  • Second  buy good paper. You will want a card stock about 12 mil. thick.
  • Also a cutting utensil or cutting board.
  • Download the TEMPLATE.

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