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Legends Expansion
Two mini-expansions, Legends of the Street and Legends of Southtown, combined to make the Legends Expansion. In this expansion you can expect to see new characters throughout the history of SNK and Capcom, within that history will be legendary characters that many have spoke of and heard of, but until now have never been able to play as in any video game. Along with the rare characters of  "Legend" you will also find some of your favorite characters who have fought on the streets of Metro City and around the world, then others who call Southtown their home or of those who have entered the King of Fighters tournaments held within its city limits.

Our team has been working hard at putting together an expansion that is worthy of the Card Fighter Clash name. From planning, building, balancing, implimenting, and testing. As this process takes much time we are very excited about the ideas that have been coming together. Below you can view some of the examples of what is coming, but remember none of these examples are final.

sawadaAll InHwa Jai

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Legends Expansion