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In this section, you will find the Legends expansion (Legends of the Street and Legends of Southtown). In this expansion, you will find 108 new cards to add to your already killer decks. Expanding on what was good about Card Fighters Special and adding to it, some new gameplay elements like Strikers and Arena cards. Rules will be forthcoming on all of the changes to the game.
For now, this is just a glimpse at what has been worked on, some cards may still receive some tweaks and changes in art, so unless you really want to, I suggest you not print them as of yet. I am working on some items as promos as usual, but this will take additional time. When the full launch is ready I will drop all the info.

Choose a card type below, and as normal the quick jump will appear on the right hand side once you start viewing the cards.
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Legends Expansion