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SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash was originally a video game for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color.   SNK and Capcom had come to an agreement that each company would be allowed to make 3 games using the others intellectual properties. SNKs decision to make a card game was probably one of the best idea's that they could have had in years. I hear people saying how lame it sounds but as soon as they play it they are hooked.

CFC SNKCFC CapcomCard Fighters Clash originally came in 2 version, a Capcom version, and an SNK version. The only way to collect all the cards in the game was to either buy both games or know someone who owns the opposite game and link them together to complete in game trades. I'm actually quite disappointed to see that they only tried this once for the first Card Fighters game, but then again it ends up saving the hardcore gamers some money.

SVC:CFC was a very simple game as far as rules go. It was not overly complex so it was easy to pick up and learn within a few minutes of playing, yet at the same time, the game strategy can become very complex. Trying to create an unbeatable deck takes much time and careful thought. One of the things that I enjoyed about the original game was being able to walk around town and actually talk to people RPG style which had been changed in all the other versions.

CFC 2Unfortunately, for anyone outside of Japan where CFC2 was released, if you wanted to play it you would either have to import the game. This game did not play completely like the first game. SNK added more cards and a whole different group of cards called Reaction. Reaction cards were great for getting out of a jam when you are attacked by your opponent. On top of this, all of the cards in this game were redone. From the graphics to even tweaking the numbers for BP and SP. Trying to get your hands on this game? Good luck it's extremely rare.

Several years after the release of the 2nd game on the NGPC a fan of the series, by the name of Flavor, hacked the ROM. He made it possible for English speaking gamers to finally play the in their native language. On top of that, he also created the Neo Pocket Flash Masta which allows you to play homebrew ROMs and even hacked ROMs on the NGPC hardware.

The final game in the series SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters DS is a completely new gaming experience from the other games. It takes place in a tower where you basically have to defeat the players on each floor before you can go up to the next floor.

CFC DSThe play mechanics have also taken a drastic change. Unfortunately, this has also killed the game making it less fun. One major mistake they made was that you can have way too many characters in the ring at the same time. A total of 8 characters can now be played per side of the ring. They have also now included a gem system where every move you make or every card you play uses a certain color and number of gems. Similar to the original game where you used SP to do unions, action, and reaction cards. But this has slowed down the game considerably.  Soon after the release of the game a horrid glitch in the game was found that makes it impossible to ever collect all the cards in the game. Once you beat the game the first time through and begin a new game. Then when you get to a certain floor in the second time around the glitch takes place. SNK Playmore set up a recall on the defective games, but you have to send your game into them and they will send you a bug-free game. So all of your progress is now lost.

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